Instill AI changelog

New Pipeline Component Reference Schema: ${}

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We're excited to introduce an enhanced Component Reference Schema that will make pipeline building even more straightforward. With this update, referencing a component field is as simple as using ${}. When establishing connections between components, there's no need to distinguish between {} or {{}} anymore. Just type ${ in any form field within a component, and our Smart Hint feature will promptly suggest available connections.

Rest assured, you won't need to manually update your existing pipelines due to this change from our previous reference schemas {} and {{}}. We've seamlessly migrated all pipelines to this new format.

Explore Our OpenAPI Documentation

We have just launched our OpenAPI Documentation, which contains all the essential information required for smooth integration with our APIs. Please visit our OpenAPI Documentation to access comprehensive details. You can even insert your Instill Cloud API token in the Authorization Header to experiment with the APIs on our platform.


User-friendly Error Messages

We understand the importance of clear communication, especially when errors occur. That's why we've revamped our error messages to be more user-friendly and informative. You'll now see which component in the pipeline the error is related to, allowing you to quickly identify and address issues, and speeding up the debugging process.

Instill Cloud Console URL Migration

We have successfully migrated the Instill Cloud console URL from to Please make sure to update your bookmarks accordingly.

Thank you for your Contributions 🙌

We highly value your feedback, so feel free to initiate a conversation on GitHub Discussions or join us in the #general channel on Discord.

Huge thanks to @chenhunghan and @HariBhandari07 for their contributions!